All Around the World

One of the amazing (dare I say, magical!) things about the internet is the opportunities it gives us to meet and connect with people we’d likely never meet in person. As we have our head down in our Bibles and study materials, our workspace a flutter of watercolors, cardstock, twine, glue, felt and wood, we prayerfully put together the best possible curriculum and toys we can anyone who may be blessed by them. Led by our love for Jesus and our passion for early education, it’s an incredible blessing to have a creative outlet that fits right in line with the passions, gifting and talents that God has given us.

When we’ve completed a new unit of study and release it into the world, we take a deep breath and step out into the warm sunshine (we have a lot of it here in sunny South Florida!) and thank God for the opportunity to do what we do.

I have to say, though, I did not expect the joy and blessing that comes from hearing from you! It seems silly to not expect it; but when we first heard from a happy mom who was using our curriculum with her kids we were unimaginably encouraged and honored. She even sent us some pictures! Since then, we’ve heard from many of you from all across the country. Each and every single time, it reminds us of the privilege and honor it is to encourage parents to teach their little boys and girls about Jesus and all that He’s done for us. And that brings me to what I wanted to share with you today. We heard yesterday that our Seed and Supplies lessons have gone all the way across the globe to NEW ZEALAND! We couldn’t help but share with you all our excitement and joy. We wouldn’t be here without you all, so this is a collective celebration for all of us! :)Thank you so much for trusting in us, and for sharing your experiences with us! May God richly bless you this Holy Week and may you sense His love as you share His sacrifice with your entire family!

Side note – I say we, because it’s very much a family effort between me, my husband and, yes, even our little one! His involvement is very similar to mine, except with a lot more sawdust. 😀

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