Studying Ruth with Children

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Studying Ruth with Children is designed to be a month long study through the book of Ruth. It’s filled with activities, thematic recipes, and worksheets that can be sprinkled throughout each chapter study of the book.

This download includes the following:

      • A hand-painted, watercolor title page
      • Chapter outlines
      • A lead craft or activity
      • Themed recipe for each chapter
      • 1 sensory recipe idea
      • Themed Word focus coloring sheet
      • Verse tracing sheets for each chapter
      • Family Tree tracing sheet
      • Map

And much more!

Our prayer is that you would be able to study the book of Ruth with your children beside you. It’s designed to be a month long study, but you may feel free to take your time as well! There’s no rush when studying Scripture.

From the toddler who would enjoy a sensory activity, to the 6th grader who may be intrigued by learning some new words and their meaning; there is something for everyone in this study! That is the beauty of studying scripture together!