Quiet Communion

Today my husband was off and I was determined that tonight was going to be different in our home. Most days are just crammed with unending, mental “To Do” lists that never seems to shorten, but today… I wanted to have dinner ready earlier than usual. I wanted to enjoy some quiet family-time while we talked about some things that Jesus wanted to make sure we remembered forever. I didn’t want to rush through it! I wanted to relish it! Oh, how my tired soul prayed for it!
Even though I had tons of work left to do, a dirty house glarring at me, a sweet, tired husband working just as hard as I am, and a wonderful little boy watching our every move and wanting us to stop and play… the Lord did it! He answered my prayer. I prayed He would give me the perseverance to finish dinner early, put on some quiet instrumental worship, light some candles, and have a special meal together. The three of us were together in a sweet time of fellowship and remembrance. 

I often do these lessons with my son in mind; but often times, I’m the one who needs them the most. I NEEDED to sit in the stillness and think of what we were remembering tomorrow. Jesus was broken. He was poured out.

Tonight it was as if my soul sprouted arms to desperately reach for my Father in Heaven and… REMEMBER… and He… embraced me. : )

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