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A Piece of Clay

“I took a piece of plastic clay,
And idly fashioned it one day
And as my fingers pressed it still,
It moved and yielded to my will.

I came again when days were past:
The feel of clay was hard at last,
The form I gave it, it still bore,
But I could change that form no more.

I took a piece of living clay
And gently formed it day by day
And molded with my press and art
A young child’s soft and yielding heart.

I came again when years were gone:
It was a man I looked upon.
He still that early impress wore,
And I could change it never more.”

– Anonymous


Quiet Communion

Today my husband was off and I was determined that tonight was going to be different in our home. Most days are just crammed with unending, mental “To Do” lists that never seems to shorten, but today… I wanted to have dinner ready earlier than usual. I wanted to enjoy some quiet family-time while we …

Artistic Protègès

I like to think of our Lord as a Master Artist. Everything we see in our world (the flowers, trees, mountains, the galaxy and everything in between) was hand crafted by our Maker. We are merely protegès, creating artistry of His laws, His story, His world. 


I was an early childhood teacher for several years, until my husband and I decided that I’d stay home after the birth of our first son. I’ve always had a passion for discipleship in young hearts. So when I stayed home with my toddler, I found myself desperate to find resources that would truly benefit his soul and spirit. I looked everywhere for materials appropriate for his age group that had depth. I found them, but they were very rare.